Monday, 28 September 2015

Further Final Project Thoughts

In my last post I included a possible idea for my final project and am very keen on delving further into this idea. If I do go ahead with this idea, I would like to spend the whole year working on it as I would like to go down the high realism route, therefore I believe that I would need as much time as possible to achieve the vision I have of this particular short. 

In short the basic outline of the animation would be: - A continuous tracking shot following a tape player through a spacecraft, slowly revealing an unknown catastrophe that has occured on board.

It was suggested that instead of using an already existing song to be playing from the tape player, it would be more interesting to create a recording that a family member of one of the crew had sent up to the spacecraft. This would create more emotional value to the animation.  

I'd like to focus really hard on the animation's cinematography, specifically lighting and colour, rather than character design. Therefore I have made a start on researching into some examples of the style I would like to use:

I was also given inspiration from Natural Born Killers. Although it has nothing to do with space in it, a particular scene set in a drug store caught my attention. The whole scene is shot with very bright green tint creating a very strange a peculiar atmosphere. Green, to me, is associated with sickness and so watching the scene makes me feel the illness the characters are feeling. This is something I'd possibly like to try with my project. Instead of using one colour throughout or showing the darkening atmosphere by simply changing the brightness from light to dark, I could use a specific colour for each act in the animation to create certain atmospheres and tones as the scene progresses.