Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Minor Project: After Thoughts

In my Minor project the area that I am most proud of is my textures. Although some need tweaking, I feel that I have achieved close to the level of detail I was aiming for. However I feel that maybe the textures would work even better if I had a greater quality in modeling. At the moment some of the model is very box-like and pretty basic. Some more work on the modeling could make the space station a lot more realistic and work better with the textures. 

The main goal for the Major Project is to complete the rest of the Space Station. However, my first priority is to sort the voice over. Due to finances I couldn't have the voice over for my minor project, but now I am position that I can complete this task. 

I don't feel that there are any upcoming tasks that I am going to struggle with in my Major Project. I have already pretty much completed one section of the space station, I just have to repeat this task for three more sections and I will have my completed space station. The only worry is the amount of time I am going to need to render my finished animation. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Minor Project: Interior Section 2 Modeling

I have made a start on modeling the interior of the second section of the space station.

Minor Project: Interior Section 1 Draft

I've rendered a short first run through of a section of my space station. Annoyingly my drive ran out of memory whilst rendering, leaving 500 frames not rendered so I've been forced to fill in the gaps with playblast footage.

Minor Project: Interior Section 1 Draft from Will Huntley on Vimeo.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Minor Project: Further Interior Texturing

I still need to do the Specular, Dirt maps, etc. but I have now created the colour maps for the cockpit of the ship. I've also added some "Good Luck" cards and banners to make it look like there was someone actually living there. I added some computer screens as well in the rest of this section of the ship. Also, I have made the tape player that the camera is going to be following through the ship.