Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Environment and Character Influence Maps - Character

Character Game Idea - Character

Using the three words that I  have selected, (Fabric, Height, Robotics) I have come up with a possible game idea for this project. The basic outline of the game is a satirical platformer app based around clothing sweatshops and child labour.

The game will be set in a clothing sweatshop/factory as you play as a malnourished underpaid child worker trying to escape the environment and your money crazed oppressive western boss.

As you try to get from one checkpoint to another there will be many obstacles and challenges the character will have to face and overcome such as faulty mechanical robotics, climbing over high machinery and getting out of an area quickly before you and everything else in the factory gets washed away in a monsoon. All while staying away from the corporation bosses chasing you through the factory.

However, there are many power ups and abilities the character can use to help escape the horrible corporations clutches. These can be anything from using Velcro pads to scale a particularly high wall you are unable to jump over, or using a large piece of fabric to parachute down from a death defying height.

Along the way there will be other side tasks that the player is able to complete as you try to escape, such as freeing other child worker friends trapped in the sweatshop and collecting bags of rice that help increase the characters energy levels making them faster and more agile.

Environment Exercises - Character

'Portal' Environment

Serene City

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Three Words - Character

The three words I selected from the cards were:




When thinking about terms related to Fabric, ideas such as fashion and texture sprung to mind. For Robotics, I was drawn to the industrial side of the word such as factories and also looking into the future where maybe the majority of the planet is controlled by robotics. For Height, I thought less about straight forward ideas, such has how tall or short something is, but more metaphorical ideas. One of these would be the height of a characters emotions e.g. high/happy or low/sad.

Initial Possible Character Sketches - Narrative

Female and Male possible character ideas for the narrative ranging from more realistic to abstract looks.