Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Boy Character Body Model - Narrative

Overall model for the boy character, some refinement needed in clothing and hands.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Further Character Designs - Narrative

Villain Designs - Character

Hero Designs - Character

Environment Designs - Character

The Hero's Journey - Narrative

 For this study I have chosen to use Jonathan Demme's Silence of the Lambs.

Ordinary World - Clarice is a training FBI agent trying to compete with her male colleagues.

Call to Adventure - The FBI are struggling to solve a case revolving around the serial killer Buffalo Bill. Clarice's boss (Crawford) asks for her help on the case.

Refusal to Call - Clarice goes to Hannibal for help with the case but he refuses' to help her. However he changes his mind after Clarice is polite to him and gets semen thrown at her by another inmate.

Meeting the Mentor - The mentor in this film could be meeting Hannibal or Clarice's boss, Crawford, who she met when she joined the FBI.

Crossing the Threshold - Solving a clue given to her by Hannibal, Clarice discovers one of Buffalo Bill's murder victims.

Tests, Allies and Enemies - Hannibal, Crawford, Buffalo Bill

Approach - Clarice goes back and forth between Hannibal and the FBI in order to solve the case.

The Ordeal - Clarice reveals a story about her past to Hannibal about the screaming lambs.

The Reward - The reward of the telling the story could be the compassion Hannibal shows towards Clarice and helps her with the case more. Reward could also be Hannibal escaping.

The Road Back - Clarice is determined to solve the case in order to stop the screaming of the lambs in her dreams.

Resurrection -  Clarice enters the house of Jack Gordon and discovers that he is the serial killer, Buffalo Bill.

Return with Elixir -  Clarice shoots and kills Buffalo Bill and gains her FBI badge.