Sunday, 29 September 2013

Digital Painting Thumbnails 1

My first attempts at Digital Painting. My series of thumbnails are based on my given novel, 'She'. I feel that some thumbnails worked better than others such as I am not keen on the top left scene as it looks very amateur with thick bold lines and bad shading. However once I started getting used to customizing brushes I started to create better scenes. For example, I like the lighting effect from the lantern in the thumbnail in column 3, row 2.


  1. these are some very evocative thunbnails, will. good job!
    as for your comments about them looking 'amateur', don't worry about that. these are to give you an idea of perspective and tonality, you'll want to avoid perfection at this stage and just explore the various possibilities.
    with that being said, i wouldn't call these 'amateur' at all, they provide a clear idea of what you aim to achieve at a very basic level, and thats their purpose.
    you've got a really nice variety of perspectives here, which at this early stage is impressive, as it can sometimes be difficult to force yourself away from one or two particular ideas.
    as for my preferences, i really like the thumbnail in the second column, third row down, although the above perspective of the thumbnail in the third column, third row down is also very appealing (in future, it would be a good idea to quickly number your thumbnails, just so its easier for everyone to comment on specific images).
    good job, will! keep the work coming!

  2. I also really like the lighting in the 3rd column row 2 image and the one where it looks like the light is coming through the cracks between the rocks (4th column 3rd row down)