Monday, 9 February 2015

Adaptation B: Chosen Corporations

I have chosen to use Disney as one of my racers as it can be said that the corporation  has a dark side as well as the bright happy exterior. Therefore this particular vehicle could have two sides depending on which view you are looking through. The Jekyll and Hyde car.

For these next racers I had the idea that Coca-Cola and Pepsi would be two small twin cars, both would have very similar cars but have small unique differences allowing them to battle throughout the races. This is due to real life rivalry between the two companies.

Instead of completely basing the McDonald's racer on it's stereotypical fat overweight customer, I am also going to use the stereotypical employee of the company. This would be obnoxious spotty teenager that wants to be anywhere in the apart from at work serving you food.

For Apple, as well as using they're highly interactive style of product for this racer, I am also going to use elements from it's former creator, the late Steve Jobs. Jobs has always reminded me of a stereotypical image of an architect; clean simplistic white style. roll-neck jumper, thin stylish glasses.

News International
Now named 'News UK', News International is widely known for its phone hacking scandal and its evil leader Rupert Murdoch. These factors have given me many ideas for this racer such as using a comedy nose and glasses disguise, listening equipment to spy on other racers and possibly depicting Murdoch as the evil Star Wars Emperor Palpatine.

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