Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Adaptation B: Brainstorms

After my tutorial it was suggested that it would be a good idea to brainstorm some ideas about what type of car/vehicle each brand or corporation would represent.

- When looking at some of the words/terms written for News International (left) I see a military themed vehicle. Some of these words are Tank, Invasion, Spying, Territory. My favorite idea for News International would be a large military juggernaut to represent the scale of the corporation and then an army of journalists on small annoying buzzing scooters that are dispatched from the juggernaut.

- I pushed my original idea of a Formula 1 car for Coke/Pepsi (right) aside and started fresh. Ideas that jumped out at me from this brainstorm are Monster Truck, Power, Patriotic, Redneck. After some more research into Coke and Pepsi, I found that Coke owns Monster Energy drink and Pepsi owns Mountain Dew. These two other drinks are often related as sponsors of Monster Trucks and Nascar. Fans of these vehicle sports are stereo typically rednecks with rotten teeth caused by extreme consumption of these sugar drinks.

- I found with my first designs for McDonalds (left) that I was headed in a very straight forward fast food burger car and so this brainstorm would help me to steer in another direction. Ideas that I feel that are strong are Ideal Family, Plastic, 1940's, Saloon car. These ideas create a retro perfect family car in which I would include the McDonald's golden arches and other brand related features.

- Apple (right) is the brand that I am struggling most with in terms of ideas and so this brainstorm helped clarify which direction to go in. Ideas that stand out are Hover, Energy Saving, Driverless, Hipsters. The stereotypical fan of Apple products are often hipsters who are very passionate about saving the planet. This creates a very green and planet friendly car as well as being futuristic. Apple products are often small in size but large in terms of capabilities because of the millions of apps that seem like they can do literally anything. This thought could possible link to a Tardis-like feature of the Apple Vehicle.

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