Thursday, 6 August 2015

3rd Year Project Thoughts

Over the summer break I have made a start on thinking about possible ideas for my third year project(s). So far I have been concentrating on the idea of creating a piece that focuses on cinematography, colour and lighting, using a range of camera techniques and shot compositions.  I'd like to create more landscapes and structures rather than character design to do this. Below are a few screenshots from films that might help explain better than what I am vaguely describing.

From these screenshots it is clear that One Point Perspective is something I would like to use in my project. I would also like to try creating a musical piece to accompany and possibly enhance the visuals that I create.

It's still early days in my thoughts and ideas but I will continue to try to focus in on a main plot for my final project. So far something to do with space travel seems like a good possible route to go down, this would allow me to create original landscapes, structures and worlds.

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