Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Designer: 7 Images and Business Card

Here are 8 images for the posters and a business card design. I need to make a decision on what image to leave out for the posters. I'm also not sure about the concept art page and think it might need to be re-done

Business Card


  1. Looks great Will - thanks for doing this - I'm just a bit worried about your business card image because it may well print up very dark - I suggest you look at tweaking the levels to guard against this.

  2. oh, and I was wondering - that maybe instead of using all those renders (which are seen in the film) if you might consider a) getting rid of one and b) replacing one of the renders with a wireframe (black frame on white) or an occlusion pass one, so what you're showing is some of the modelling etc behind the process?

    1. Thanks for the feedback - I'll make the changes to the business card and sort out a wireframe/occlusion asap.

      Do you have an opinion on what image to leave out as there are 8 above?