Saturday, 5 October 2013

Digital Painting Scene 3

Scene 3

The third scene I have chosen to create is only mentioned in a small section of the excerpt I was given. The scene describes a "font of crystal water" inside of a huge cave. Although this set isn't described in high detail, it still gave me a lot of ideas to use for my thumbnails. I wanted to show a small platform only holding the font with just a stone bridge leading off from the platform. Along with this I created a "great central cave" in the background with various rocky hills and mounds, this all leading to the mouth of the cave where the bright light of day is shining through. Once again I added some trees into the scene to show the scale of the cave and increase the perspective.


  1. Hi, Will. :)

    I'm part of your Creative Partnership group. :) Really great observations about your chosen scenes, also like how you've shown development towards a detailed thumbnail. Looking forward to seeing colour versions!

  2. Hi Will

    I really love the idea of this scene :)