Sunday, 1 May 2016

ESPIAL - Final Animation Draft

I have now put together all my renders and created a soundscape for my final animation. I think some of the sound effects need to be toned down in some areas as I feel they drown out the voiceover. There is a screenshot below of the soundscape in Audition (listen with headphones to get full effect). Any feedback welcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ESPIAL - Final Animation Draft from Will Huntley on Vimeo.


  1. Headphones on!

    I really enjoyed this Will - some lovely sound work going on in here - and I got proper chills when I saw those hand prints on the glass! Arguably, yes, there are a few times when the voice-track does get a bit submerged, but I quite like liked it! I think perhaps that the background hum could begin as a much quieter element, so you can dial it up as the film progresses, so as a sonic discomfort, it builds in the audience's head. I think there are elements you might still consider; for example, a few more warning sounds in the far off distance and maybe even a few other voices - as in:

    You can probably use somekind of easy automated software to create spoken words in the style of these examples, and maybe you could create some interesting warnings; for example 'Emergency airlock override command blah blah blah' - or 'Life-support systems offline' or similar. In other words, you can flesh out the unspoken disaster a little more so, as we sail past various different warnings... really, I'm just talking about further garnishing and using sound to it's fullest potential as a part of your film.

    Very filmic stuff, Will - well done! :)

    Oh - you should drop the ambient hum the moment the recorder passes out into space; i think just being left with the recording in a sort of naked way, as the daughter's emotions are at their most raw, would even more powerful. Try it anyway!

  2. I'd suggest adding stars at the end of the film too. Not many (far off/ faint /small clusters) but enough to give a sense of place.