Friday, 24 January 2014

From Script To Screen: Improved Story

I have re-thought my idea for my three words and have created another story.

Henry Schmitt is a very busy inventor. He spends most of his days cooped up his lab tinkering with all sorts of creations, rarely venturing into the outside world for a social life.
One day, Schmitt gets a knock on the door from his daughter and before he's allowed to protest his grand daughter is sprung upon him and now has to look after and baby sit the young toddler.
Schmitt, completely useless at looking after the child, leaves her to do what she wanted in the lab whilst he continues to work. However, what the young grand daughter wanted to do was to play with her skipping rope for hours on end. The endless tapping and swooshing of the skipping rope going round and round starts to make the inventor lose his mind; how could he concentrate with this constant distraction.
Schmitt does everything he can to stop the endless tapping of the skipping rope; offering food, forcing her to watch the TV, even confiscating the rope but this only results in the screaming and crying of the young girl.

Suddenly an idea springs to the inventor. Cunningly laying out a trail of sweets, he leads the girl to his most recent invention - a teleporter. The child enters the teleporter and before she knows Schmitt sends her travelling to a distant far away desert island where finally he can be left in peace and quiet and the girl can play as much as she wants.

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  1. This is very promising, Will - but I think your scientist needs his comeuppance somehow. I can imagine how, just when he thinks he's achieved his goal, with the girl on the desert island, something else happens which means his situation is now even worse. It just feels as if there's potential for a final twist in here somehow!