Tuesday, 21 January 2014

From Script to Screen OGR 22/01/2014 - Will Huntley

From Script to Screen OGR


  1. OGR 23/01/2014

    Hey Will,

    I really wish I could tell you that I find the idea of holographic producing 'lucky skipping rope' to be a satisfying resolution of this object - but I don't. It's not satisfying, because it could similarly be the scientist's 'lucky cabbage' for all the 'skipping rope' has to do with anything. I wish you'd had more ideas up on here sooner, as I'm sure by now, you'd be several versions away from this; certainly, if I'd seen anything, I would have steered you towards different resolutions.

    So, I have a few ideas for you that might help you along a bit; the first being that your 'inventor' doesn't have to be 'an inventor' to begin with, but rather becomes one through their activity and behaviour. For example, one logical way to integrate your three components might be to decide that a little girl is shipwrecked on a desert island with only her skipping rope. The island is home to fierce creatures etc. How will she survive? What does she do with that skipping rope to ensure she prospers - what does she invent? How does she get herself rescued? Structurally, I can imagine you starting at the end, with a headline proclaiming 'Litte Girl Alive After Shipwreck!' and then going on to show the audience how...

    Another way to think about the skipping rope; 'the skipping rope' sounds to me a lot like 'the milky way' - i.e. it might be the name of a scientific phenomena or anomaly - something the inventor discovers and 'uses' to transport himself.

    It's not that an island of comedy chimps doesn't have potential, it's just the idea of lucky skipping rope is too lame in terms of proactive use of the term as a driver for your story; and, in addition it just doesn't seem likely at all that an inventor would even have a lucky skipping rope. I can't suspend my disbelief, I'm afraid. I suggest you think more about your inventor as another kind of character who 'invents' , as opposed to someone who does it as a living, as this will open up alternate ideas.

  2. ... it could be a funny origin-story; 'JUNGLE JANE' - you set up this super-amazonian, heroic female-Tarzan, who is seen swinging fearlessly from trees on vines and wrestling sharks etc. and then you cut back to the moment she arrived on the island, all pink and ringlets with only her skipping rope - and what you do is cut back and forth between Jungle Jane's daring do and the little girl learning her survival skills back in the day; for example, using her skipping rope to swing from over a ravine or similar...