Thursday, 9 January 2014

Soundcape - Giacomo Balla, Velocita d'automobile

The painting that I selected from the blue box was 'Velocita d'automobile' by Giacomo Balla.

My first ideas that came to mind when looking at this image revolved around elemental scenes, such as wind and rain. The swirls of paint seen in the image reminded me of sea waves and whirlpools. This matched with my thoughts that the angular shapes could represent wood panels led me to the idea of a small wooden boat caught in the middle of an enormous storm in the middle of the ocean. From this I could include sounds of crashing waves, claps of thunder and pelting rain.

When I researched further into the painting and artist I found out that the piece translated is called 'Speed of Car', and that Balla was a Futurist artist. From this I found that whirls and lines represent motion and energy. I also discovered that Balla was also a musician. This led me to look very closely at the piece and started to make out the shapes of musical notes and stave's.

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