Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Major Project: Voice-Over

This post includes the original recording of the voice over for my project and the edited version in which I tried to create an effect that made the audio sound like it was playing from a cassette. As the run time goes over the 4 minute mark I'm going to need to make around 30 seconds of cuts for me to be able to use this for my project.


  1. I really enjoyed hearing this peformed, Will - your voice over artist did a great job - well done everyone! Re. the cuts, I can see a few places where you could lose a bit and it wouldn't harm the piece. Shame you have to cut it all really. Re. the New Designers '4 min' cut-off point, in previous years, students have submitted an extract, so it might be, if it proves to detrimental to the work to cut, that you keep it as is, but think about submitting an extract for the screening award? Anyway, let this voice-over give you a shot in the arm - make this happen, Will - it could be rather special.

  2. Hi Will. Good to see you finally have your voice over. The artist has done a good job too. However, in your 'tape' version there's a repeated 'click'. Is it possible to take that out? Its a little irretating to listen too and may be uneccesary.