Sunday, 6 March 2016

Major Project: Prev-Viz Test

I've made a start at animating, although there are a lot of things that need smoothing and editing the main focus was to test out transferring from each section without an obvious seem in the animation. The changes come at 1:04 and 2:28. There is a noticeable change in speed from the transfers but this can be fixed with enough editing.


  1. very excited too see this, Will - would be good to get a version up that has the voice-track on too, because this will help tell you if you need to get some additional props or components in shot for ironic effect (i.e. we're hearing one thing and being shown another). It would be good too to see you thinking even at this stage about your sound design - one observation I'd make already is ensuring that the spatial relationship between the camera and the cassette recorder is reflected in terms of the volume of the voice-track - and even the subtleties of the sound as the tape recorder's speaker pivots away from us.

    Yep - there's a 'glitch' at around 2.28 secs - the seam?

    I was thinking about the scene in which the camera looks up at the glass ceiling window - could you get some hand-prints on there - lots of them, as if your poor spaceman had sort of floated up there, desperate to get out? Maybe they wouldn't be obvious as first, but a change of light making them all visible - a bit like this moment?

    A few small things; the 'World's Best Dad' mug appears a lot; I think you find other 'mug designs' to tell us more about him/her - so maybe some birthday mugs to tell us the passing of time? I was thinking too that, in terms of other elements to help the environment look lived in: a nudie calendar or some porn magazines somewhere? (He's only human after all!). I was thinking too, that maybe some of the surfaces we pass could be covered in torn out pictures of earth - images of beaches, forests - the sort of thing he might have ripped out of the magazines he's had sent up there - things from National Geographic etc. I can imagine a sort of 'collage wall', where this poor guy has been trying to build a window with a view...

    In terms of the faces on the cardboard people, I did notice they were all the same, so just watch those kinds of repetitions.

    Is the film going to end with the camera swinging around so we see the cassette player floating away from the exterior of the space-station, so that we see the space-station as we move further and further from it?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into doing the handprints and getting some other objects to make it feel more lived in. I have got other mug designs already, I just haven't applied them yet, the best dad one was just temporary.

      In terms of the sound, I was planning on getting the animation perfected first and then applying the voice over and other sounds. I thought it might be easier to fit the voice over to the animation rather than the animation to the voice over.

      The camera will swing round at the end and zoom out to show nothing around the station, just space.

  2. well, okay - but my instinct would be to do it the other way round - so everything keys into the voice-over, because that's where your story 'is' - it's not anywhere else. I would get the voice and the imagery plugged in right now, Will - it will very quickly tell you if you're missing opportunities at this stage for some lovely juxtapositions between seeing and hearing. Start seeing them as 'not separate' from this point forwards - that would be my bearded advice!