Monday, 26 January 2015

Adaptation B: Company Research

For my Adaptation B project I am going to be using large multinational corporations as Wacky Racers therefore I decided to do some research into the biggest global companies. For this I used Forbes' Global 2000 list which was created in 2008, this showed that the top 3 highest ranked companies were HSBC Holdings, General Electric and Bank of America. I also used to look at a 2014 Global Top 100 companies list which showed Apple to be the most valuable company.

However for my project I am not going to use companies purely because they are the most valuable companies globally. I want to use companies that are well known by the general public and also have unique characteristics and archetypes. Also I'd like there to be a wide range of company types, such as Electronics, Banking and Food.  For example some popular companies to use could be Coca Cola, Microsoft/Apple (rivalry), Nestle, BP, Boeing and Disney.

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