Saturday, 17 January 2015

@Alan - Adaptation B: Ideas Rethink

After my tutorial and further discussions about my project, I have a lot more clearer path I am going to go down. I am going to focus mainly on character design possibly using comedic and satirical influences. I also think I'd prefer to go down a table book route for my project rather than an actual short animation.

Possible ideas so far:

Seven Deadly Sins as Corporation Companies - For this I would match a large multinational corporation such as Disney and attach it to one of the 7 Deadly Sins (Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony). From this I would a create a character using elements of the company and the sin. Artists such as Ron English would be good inspiration for this idea.

Alcohol Characters - Another possible idea would be to use alcohol brands and use their image to turn them into the type of drunks/people who drink them. This could stereotype each type of drink, for example, trying to shape a Stella Artois can or bottle into a character could lead to designing it with a wife beater vest and fag hanging out its mouth.

Contemporary Spiritual Gods - This idea would take all kinds of Spiritual Gods and show how they would look like as just a normal every day person in today's culture. For example, Buddha could be seen as the obese lout who sits on benefits all day never lifting a finger.

Child Drawing Freak show - This idea probably wouldn't be able to be a table book and would have to be a short animation. The thought for this idea would be to take children's drawings of people and characters and then turn them into actual 3D model characters. I could then take these characters and interview them in a Creature Comforts style for short animation as if they were a part of a freak show.

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  1. Ok, interesting. My choices would be...

    1) Corporations as characters (drop the seven deadly sins though - Archetypes would be better). However this could be really interesting.

    2) Child drawing freak show - this is a common method of adaptation and could work with a more development / specific outcomes.