Sunday, 11 January 2015

Adaptation A: Post Pitch Thoughts and Ideas

My selected infographic title was "vs", from this I though of a few possible subjects. These are:

  • Apple    vs    Microsoft
  • Men   vs    Women
  • Right    vs    Wrong
  • Religion    vs    Science
  • North Korea    vs    South Korea
  • Films    vs    Books
  • Cats    vs    Dogs
  • Babies    vs    The Elderly
  • Cops    vs    Robbers

The best received idea was Cats vs Dogs, this because the subject of common pets is very popular with today's culture and is a massive craze through the Internet.

Some possible ideas that I could use in my Cats vs Dogs infographic could be:

  • Playing e.g. Throwing a Stick
  • Water e.g. Swimming
  • Training
  • Size
  • Eating
  • Hunting

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