Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Adaptation A: Script

Script / Directions

  •  "Cats Vs Dogs" opening title. Cat and dog paw tears title into two halves revealing first scene containing each pet in each half.
  • Playing - A stick/ball is thrown in the dog and cat half. The dog chases the toy out of shot, the cat walks in opposite direction to toy.
  • Previous frame rips into Hunting scene - The cat is taking its time stalking a bird, dog bolts past the cat and scares the bird away.
  • Previous frame rips into two sections for dog and cat for Eating - Messy dog getting food everywhere, cat pushes bowl away and turns away.
  • One frame containing cat watching a fish from edge of a pond, dogs swims past in pond chasing fish away.
  • Two sections again for tricks/obedience - Dog shown sitting and rolling over, cat walks away from owner.
  • One frame showing range of dog sizes with tallest dogs head out of shot, 1 small cat next to largest dog looks up at tall dog then walks away into the next scene.
  • Two sections for sitting - Cat from previous scene jumps up sofa and sits on owners head. Other section shows dog quietly laying by owners feet.
  • Final scene shows dog humping a toy/leg. Frame zooms out showing the cat staring at the dog. Cat walks away.

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